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Systems & Technologies

Ironmongery: seals & intumescents, door handles, hinges, hanging rail, shelving, door closers, lock & latches

Electronic and computer equipment: Projector, laptops, smart phones, air conditioner, television set, printing machines, scanners, refrigerators, speakers, blenders.

Pharmaceuticals: medicaments, testing equipment, dietary supplements, temperature control.
Local export products: Timber, cocoa, coffee, sesame, rubber, cotton, iron, steel, copper, bauxite, ore, banana, rice, spices, scrap metal.

E-Sourcing: GMV can help you build and maintain vendor relations via a tailored web-based platform designed to aid your procurement team achieve smooth and clear communication with your suppliers. Electronic sourcing leverages tools such as :

  • Request for quotes for products along with negotiations and agreements on pricing
  • Acquiring vendor information and uploading it into a vendor management system.

Defining lead time to determine minimum order quantities, standard packing quantity, quality metrics etc

E-Procurement: Electronic procurement takes off from the foundation of the sourcing team to receive requisitions, order goods, track delivery and analyze metrics. With the help of this electronic tool, GMV can ensure the smooth flow of inputs, supplies and products your organization needs for operations. Electronic procurement leverages tools such as :

  • Automated order processing
  • Track inventory items, service and expiration deadlines, stock
  • Feature pack, smooth and intelligent workflows to reduce operating costs and enable strategic purchasing.

Digital Product Marketing:  This is an online tool designed to advertise our home made products and raw materials with the aim of enhancing their visibility overseas and  make them competitive in the world market.

Project Cargo management: Do you intend moving high volume of shipments? We have a team committed to assist and provide you with detail quotations and accurate information required for the achievement of your projects. More to that, we also put at your disposal a set of dedicated logistics tools to help handle your shipment at site.

Handling of Government & Diplomatic Shipments: Are you looking for a reliable and experienced partner to handle your diplomatic and government projects? Worry no more. GMV has built connections to enhance and speedup the processing of necessary authorizations and exemptions to simplify clearance and diligently deliver shipments to consignee.