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Who are we?

Heeding our passion and commitment for logistics since 2009, having worked for several national and multinational companies and having acquired great experience, we have been able to set up a business that shall provide top efficient and reliable logistics solutions by emphasizing e-sourcing and e-procurement tools to:

 Ensure the well-being and growth of staff members as potential human resource
 Reduce logistics costs and stock-out in the acquisition and movement of goods from their origin point to their final destination.
 Enhance trade by developing new market spheres for certain commodities
 Achieve smooth communication between buyers and sellers through the right application of incoterms

Moreover, given Cameroon’s current trade deficit resulting from the fact that the country’s imports exceed its exports, we have been inspired to design “devise in” a software which aims at boosting the export of local certified products like wood, cocoa, coffee, sesame, rubber… by means of digital marketing.

Our History


Creation of the company as a logistics service provider with headquarters in Douala.

JUNE 2021

Acquisition of transport license.


The desire to gain new market shares, especially with our enrolment in the United Nations Global Marketplace based in Bangui, prompts us to open a branch office in Central African Republic.


Our aim to stand as leader of logistics service provider in the CEMAC zone inspires us to create another branch office in Libreville, Gabon.


Registration into three non profit associations of independent freight forwarders and customs brokers, so as to expand our business influence, notably Global Logistics Alliance (GLA), World Top Cargo Alliance (WTC) and JCTRANS network.


Obtainment of importer’s license, registration into the Cameroon National Shippers’ Council and the one-stop-shop portal for the digitization of customs procedures.

APRIL 2023

Obtainment of Exporter’s license and registration into another association of independent freight forwarders, Cargo Power Network (CPN).


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